Full Automation of Trading Algorithms

The qSpark platform is an advanced trading platform for testing, creating, and executing proprietary strategies and algorithms. With the technology’s powerful API and supporting trading tools, traders bring their algorithms quickly to the market.

Super Low Latency Order Execution

qSpark understands that in a market where opportunities are fleeting, speed is of the essence. Our R&D team is obsessed with reducing latency, down to the microsecond. We constantly seek out even the smallest improvements that can translate to substantial performance gains.

Dedicated Co-Located Infrastructure

qSpark’s dedicated Co-located Infrastructure gets you right to the exchanges. qSpark provides fully integrated, direct feed and execution handlers. All machines are deployed and co-located directly with the various exchanges.

Robust & Compliant Risk Management

qSpark’s robust risk management capabilities help guide traders to minimize losses, while maximizing winning trades. In addition, our fully compliant 15c3-5 risk layer has a small footprint but all the necessary risk checks to address every compliance requirement.